Students from Richardson Dees Primary School have been working with The Intergenerational Team of volunteers at Wallsend to create some amazing work using printmaking techniques, drawing and calligraphy.

Students even had a go at writing using ancient runes, as well as trying their hand at writing with a quill and bamboo pen.  The work will be completed by the team and form a collaborative book to be exhibited as part of the Fabulous Books Fantastic Places exhibition at BALTIC in June, part of the Festival of the North East’s celebratory events.

05 Books and Printing Wallsend Town Hall 24.04.2013 10 Books and Printing Wallsend Town Hall 24.04.2013 12 Books and Printing Wallsend Town Hall 24.04.2013 27 Books and Printing Wallsend Town Hall 01.05.2013 29 Books and Printing Wallsend Town Hall 01.05.2013 40 Books and Printing Wallsend Town Hall 01.05.2013 42 Books and Printing Wallsend Town Hall 01.05.2013

Pippa McKever  has fascilitated  the team for a number of years and gives an informative insight into her practice……

Pippa McKever is a freelance Intergenerational coordinator. She began her work in 1993 and since then has worked regionally, nationally and internationally. Her background is as an Occupational Therapist in Dementia care, lecturer in further and higher education and has an MA in Community and Youth Work.

Her working practice with generations is primarily through partnerships across many disciplines. She has recently become a UK and European Trainer for intergenerational Practice. Closer to home, her work could not be possible without the support of the Intergenerational Team of experienced younger and older volunteers.

 Her work is called Bridging The Gap and is an Intergenerational resource that provides facilitation and training . Its aim is to bring younger and older people together in their communities,

 Through shared and meaningful  activities it is hoped that generations may increase their understanding of each other, dispel myths and stereotypes , share knowledge and skills and ultimately challenge age related discrimination.

 The opportunity to involve younger and older people in print and book making has become a vehicle for:

  • Dispelling misconceptions
  • Increasing understand of mutual learning, problem solving and cooperation
  • Provided a unique exploration of Wallsend heritage and local identity
  • Given participants new skills to share with the wider community
  • Taken each participant on a personal journey which has considered their own past, present and future.
  • Raised cultural and personal aspirations by enabling participants to visit a significant gallery and exhibit their achievements 

Before bringing the two groups together, Pippa worked with students from Richardson Dees exploring them myths around ageing and raising awareness through discussion and drawings

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The Intergenerational group based in Wallsend, North Tyneside bring fresh from the press ideas using their unique collection of objects, memorabilia and enthusiastic spirit.

Alan home Ian Val wallsend first prints wallsend ian & Typerwriter

The Team of volunteers have a wealth of experience in Intergenerational work.  They bring different generations together in order to better understand  each other.  The Intergenerational Service has a proud tradition of  promoting mutual understanding and leanrning between generations.

The Team will be working with Theresa Easton and a group of pupils from Richardson Dees School, creating a hand printed and designed book exploring the issues and themes addressing the Intergenerational gap.

Work generated from the project will be exhibited at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art as part of the BALTIC Artist’s Book Fair in early June.

This  project is funded through Arts Council England and is part of the Festival of the North East.

Council crest_ Colour (Small) (1)Print  fotne_mono_single_flag copy


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