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On show now at Greenfield Community & Arts Centre

21 Jul

On show now at The Greenfield GalleryGreenfield Community & Arts Centre is the exhibition Abode.

The Sunderland Book Project @ The Greenfield Gallery

The Sunderland Book Project @ The Greenfield Gallery

An exhibition of 4 parts – including “Sunderland Book Project,”a collection of artist’s books, “Northern Bound” on tour from Fabulous Books, Fantastic Places BALTIC, a display of small scale prints by local artists, and “Special Edition” printed artworks.

Northern Bound@ The Greenfield Gallery

Northern Bound@ The Greenfield Gallery

Fabulous Books, Fantastic Places: Northern Bound

Working alongside printmaker and book artist Theresa Easton, participants explore the art of bookmaking using printmaking techniques and themes close to home such as identity, learning between generations, social history and storytelling. The exhibition formed part of Fabulous Books, Fantastic Places: BALTIC Artists’ Book Fair  celebrating the Festival of the North East, marking the temporary return to the region of the Lindisfarne Gospels.

Exhibitors include, Tyneside Women’s Health, Greenfield Community & Arts Centre, The North Tyneside Intergenerational Volunteer Project & pupils from Richardson Dees Primary  School Wallsend and Hartlepool Borough Council Culture & Information and Youth Services

Northern Bound 9


50 word stories from Greenfield Community Arts Centre

17 May

Task: create a 50 word story, illustrate and make a book.

The Dancer

Once there was a girl who was a Dancer. 

She fell off the stage and broke her leg.

She went to the doctor and they put a pot on her leg.

She never ever danced again.

She sang a song and felt better.

Now her hobby was singing not disco dancing.

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The Printer

The printer swirled the spatula in the ink and spread red across the table.

A streak like blood. 

She rolled the printed words. TOMORROW YOU WILL DIE.

Her brow furrowed her knuckles white ice fury. There was no way he was going to get away with doing that to her.

To be continued…….