BALTIC Artist’s Book Fair – Gloria Ceballos, Marie Marcano, Paper & Theresa Easton

13 Jun

“My work is a metaphor of fragility, reflecting about subtle things and the importance of
what is small, delicate, and many times imperceptible based in my personal experiences when in the
presence of nature or about human relationships. I express experiences that are not individual,
but universal and, therefore, common to all of us.
I render this thoughts on my work on paper, sewing all the information together taking
advantage of the fragility of the media, subtly working its surface, suggesting a feeling of stillness
and overwhelming,not only in the form of prints, but also in paintings and drawings,personal
interventions as installations.” Gloria Ceballos

Gloria Ceballos

Gloria Ceballos’s-book-fair

Marie Macano

Marie Macano

Marie Marcano is a Venezuelan visual artist based in Miami, Florida. She received her BFA from The Corcoran College of Art & Design and her MFA from Miami International University of Art and Design. Her artist’s books have been exhibited in various galleries and museums including The Jaffe Center for Book Arts, The Bienes Museum of the Modern Book, The Corcoran Museum of Art, Pyramid Atlantic Art Center and The Nobel Museum in Stockholm. Marie won the Florida Artists’ Book Prize in 2008 and 2011. She investigates the power of text in the visual arts. Her pieces including artist’s books, installations, art jewelry and multimedia art can be seen at



PAPER is an artist run gallery based in Manchester focussing specifically on affordable work on paper, including originals, artist editions, and artist books. We represent around 25 artists based locally, nationally and internationally. PAPER is the brainchild of Liverpool John Moores University Masters graduates Andrea Cotton, David Hancock, Nicola Smith, who were joined this year by Simon Woolham. PAPER opened in August 2012, and has been included in Manchester Contemporary and Manchester Book Fair. For the Baltic Book Fair we would present new artist books by Lucy May Schofield, Jenny Steele, Simon Woolham, Oliver Flude, Naomi Lethbridge, and Julie Dodd.

Theresa Easton

Theresa Easton

Theresa Easton is a printmaker based in Newcastle and the organiser of Fabulous Books Fantastic Places. Easton studied Fine Art, specialising in Printmaking at the University of East London and completed an MA in Glass at Sunderland University.

Artist’s Books provide a platform for Easton’s printmaking skills and the opportunity to develop international projects such as The Sunderland Book Project.

Heritage interpretation and exploring cultural episodes play an important part in Easton’s practice using contemporary printmaking processes and artist’s books.  Easton’s interest in Artist’s Books began with an international project in 2007 with The Penny Histories, a project working in partnership with Newcastle’s Literary & Philosophical Society.


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