BALTIC Artist’s Book Fair – North Tyneside Council Learning Alliance, Sarah Morpeth, AM Bruno & Sue Bennett

9 Jun
North Tyneside Council Adult Learning Alliance

North Tyneside Council Adult Learning Alliance

This bookfair table will promote the work of the North Tyneside Council’s Adult Learning Alliance (Bookbinding) in keeping alive the processes and techniques of established and modern bookbinding as well as allowing the freedom to explore the world of book art in all its forms.  In doing so, it aims to attract the interest and participation of people from the local and wider community.  On show, and in some cases, on sale, will be a wide variety of books to reflect the work of the participants – traditional binding forms, Japanese binding, artists’ books eg concertina style, story/poetry books, notebooks, as well as an insight into restoration and conservation work.

Sarah Morpeth

Sarah Morpeth

Sarah  Morpeth is an artist living and working in Northumberland, making work inspired by the landscape around her. Her current projects include an ongoing series of books made in response to a 1945 film with which she has been obsessed for years, called ‘I Know Where I’m Going’; its story, setting and characters inspire her work and the form of her books. She uses a range of techniques in producing her pieces – printing the pages first, then working on them with hand and machine stitch, scalpel cutting, drawing and painting and finally binding the pages, often using traditional book-binding methods.

AM Bruno

AM Bruno

AM Bruno is a group of artists who make books as part of their practice; they produce and show new works for exhibitions and fairs, and are invited on these occasions to engage with a given theme.  The subject for the current collection is 16.

Just as the individual members of the collective are brought together by their shared interest in books so the works themselves, gathered in varying combinations at different times, engender new conversations.

Sue Bennett

Sue Bennett

“I have been making and repairing books for many years. Basing my practice on traditional bookbinding skills, I make journals or albums using fine quality papers with a modern appeal.  I have more recently discovered the wonderful world of artists books and my practice is expanding to include creative interpretations of the book form and experimentation with different materials.  IN addition, I enjoy creative writing and am exploring the challenge of both making the content and the cover.  My submission will include examples of the range of books I make, with some for sale.”  Sue Bennett


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