BALTIC Artist’s Book Fair – Susie Wilson, Ruth McCann, Black Hearted Press & David Palacios

6 Jun
Susie Wilson

Susie Wilson

“Exploring the book form enables me to combine print, paint and collage in a more sculptural way. The intimacy of holding the book, each page hiding then revealing the next, creates an atmosphere that is deeply personal.” Susie Wilson 

Ruth McCann

Ruth McCann

Ruth McCann is an artist based in Newcastle, UK.  Educated at the University of the Arts London, Ruth experiments with materials and form in her work. Her fascination with surface and texture combined with her fine binding skills guide her practice.  Ruth’s book art can be found in  various collections including the Tate Modern.  Prior to opening her own studio, Ruth honed her skills working at Book Works, London.  She also teaches bookbinding for Adult Learning Alliance, North Tyneside.

Black Hearted Press

Black Hearted Press

Black Hearted Press is Scotland’s leading independent comic book publisher and creators: promoting new, exciting and diverse creator owned, collaborative comic books.  We don’t do ‘superhero’s’ has become one of BHP’s taglines.  We’re a collective co-op of artists, writers and creators using the graphic arts to develop narratives for a diverse audience.  BHP was founded by David Braysher, John Farman & Sha Nazir in March 2010.

David Palacios

David Palacios

Art Report, is the name of the most recent project which I have been developing. The idea is to create a kind of visual  agency which, by using the tools of art (Pop-Up Report), explains the illustrates to the public issues concerning our social reality.  These issues fall into a number of different categories, including global economics, international investment, social issues and poverty levels.” David Palacios


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