If you’ve never considered receiving mail in the post as art……..

7 Mar
Mail Art courtesy of Red Letter Day

Mail Art courtesy of Red Letter Day

If you’ve never considered receiving mail in the post as art, think again and check out this entry…http://youtu.be/kh3Bcm9xWRI

Another fantastic zine maker & mail artist is redletterdayzine.wordpress.com

Red Letter Day

Red Letter Day

‘Mail’ Art Project A project working with young people in Hartlepool is beingdeveloped using the medium of artist’s books and correspondence.

It will engage young people accessing Youth Services with a book art project
that could explore and address the subject of Identity that young people
growing up in Hartlepool face and draw in sister cities of Hartlepool in a ‘Mail
Art’ project. The artist (Theresa Easton) and staff will help the young people to develop

ideas using various services and locations like Hartlepool Art Gallery and Central Library.

Mail art4

The Mail Art concept take the young people away from the ‘instant world’
they currently inhabit and provide  the opportunity to work with young people in
different parts of the world using contacts Youth Services have in Germany
and contacts in Melbourne, Australia and Daytona Beach, Florida, USA.
Professional development training with staff based in Youth
Services will  incorporates printmaking& bookbinding skills appropriate to
their environment and current resources.
The young people and staff will work with a printmaker and book artist to
create book art project over approximately 6-7 session.
The project has the potential to create a lasting legacy in the form of a
collection of work, which could become mobile ( within the library service)
and be accessible in non-gallery locations such as Youth Centres,
Community Centres, Libraries and Health Centre’s. There are a number of
established gallery venues where Young People could have the opportunity
to develop curatorial skills and showcase their work in a professional
context. There is scope to develop economic capacity in the form of creating
multiples for retail.
The project is part of the wider ‘Inspire’ programme between Youth Services
and Cultural Services and is designed to challenge pre-existing stereotypes,
to increase confidence and raise aspirations of those taking part.

Soon to be published work and ideas from young people accessing youth services in Hartlepool – watch this space!

mail art3

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