Festival of the North East – there’s a lot going on up here!

19 Feb


Festival of the North East is a month long celebration of culture and heritage
to run throughout the whole of the North East of England in June 2013. It will
act as a fanfare to welcome the arrival of the Lindisfarne Gospels to Durham on July 1st
on loan from the British Museum until the end of September, and
will showcase the region’s distinctive creativity and heritage in its many
forms. The festival will bring together arts, science, creative industries, and
heritage, embracing both the work of major institutions and small scale
community groups, and individual artists and practitioners.
The month long festival programme will be the first of its kind in spanning a
whole geographical region – Tees Valley, Country Durham, Tyne & Wear
and Northumberland. It will also be the first of its kind with regards to its
content, which will cross multiple genres and sometimes bring unlikely
partnerships together to provide audiences with unexpected and often
playful experiences. There will be a range of high profile new commissions
as part of the Festival, but at its heart it intends to be one that unites
communities, encourages participation and ignites interest in the North East
– offering both inbound visitors and locals an innovative and varied cultural


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